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Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
who purchase a electric vehicle could get a tax brake under a measure introduced today. it would provide exemptions for those who buy electric cars s sales of the vehicles have been slower due to their higher costs but assembly man hopes to offer these incentives. the state supreme court ruling today that it's okay for retailers to ask you for personal information which you buy something with a credit card. law bans brick and mortar stores for asking for data. but court ruled same law does not apply to merchants. ruling the need to protect from fraud outweighs concerns. our media partner marin independent journal points out a wet december followed by a dry january helped the spawning season. so that is good news in marin. >> it started really cold this morning. kind of warmed up. >> it did. then started to change8fkenÑ sandhya patel is live on the roof tonight with the aftd. >> this is going to get wet this week. how is that? it was a gloomy start to monday torning. i call it june gloom type of weather. we're going to have the possibility of cooler wet winter weather. check out
Feb 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
and in order to do that the mayor says a tax increase is needed and not everyone is willing to pay. >> we are saying too much. >> yes. yes. maybe this will be good. >> we have to go to the ballot. to get voter permission in 2014.j7Ñew this depends on voter support. we've done polling. >> that poll found 70% of the voters support a quarter percent increase. hike. >> a search of a shipping container turned up thousands of rounds of ammunition. customs seized 2300 rounds hidden in air filters in cars bound for among yola. the ammo and vehicles were seized last month. no(Ñ criminal charges have been filed. >> muni official as announced changes to the way it maintains cable car lines following yesterday's accident that injured several passengers and two crew members. a bolt from a plate came loose yesterday. that caused to it jury the crew and passengers. >> in addition to looking at switches is once per week we'll make sure we put tension on the bolts to make sure that they're all secured properly. >> officials say it probably came lose from normal wear and tear. >> amazing. >> yes. >> that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2